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miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Dragon Ball Super: Cartoon network to premiere anime in Latin America

The wait is over. Dragon Ball Super, the most popular anime season of all time, will be released in Latin America soon. This was revealed by the spokesman of Toei Animation in an interview. Daniel Castañeda, Licensing Director for Latin America at Toei Animation, told World Screen that his company's most successful productions will be released on Latin American television. The web GeekStuff published that the date chosen for the premiere of Dragon Ball Super would be the 5 of August And the channel? Cartoon Network. There is no date yet for the premiere in Peru, although it is expected that Cartoon Network also present the anime on the same date for all other countries in our region. According to Castaneda, the date for the series to reach public television would be February 2018. The spokesman also announced that he intends to introduce Mazinger Z again, with a view to releasing the film as soon as possible. #DragonBallSuper arrives on August 5 in Latin America for

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