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jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

Child dies for joke of his classmates

They put cheese on his sandwich and he was allergic; The child died several days later
This week a case of bullying was raised in London, England, which has already gone around the world, because what the companions of a boy of 13 considered as a simple joke without further consequence, resulted in the death of this child .
The victim named Karan Cheema, who studied at William Perkin School, and suffered from various allergies, including dairy. Karan had problems with some of his companions, who thought to put a piece of cheese on the sandwich.
Cheema did not notice it and ate her lunch normally. Minutes later, he began to feel bad and came with his teachers, who immediately, knowing his medical history, provided medicine to counteract the effect of cheese; However, the child's health worsened and had to be transferred to the hospital, where he remained hospitalized for 12 days and later died.
"I had to watch him die. No parent should go through that. We want answers. How could this happen? "Amarjeet Cheema, the victim's father, told local media.
According to several London newspapers, authorities would have arrested another 13-year-old boy, who was reported to have performed this deadly joke; However, because of his age, he was released on bail.

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